Music has always been Aaron Reece’s passion, he has been singing since the age of 9 (now 36), and is also a professional vocal coach. He has been a member of duos, trios, quartets, and has sang with many live Orchestras.  Aaron has travelled the world performing in places such as London, Barcelona, Las Vegas, to name but a few.  He has also had the privilege to sing ‘Me and My Shadow’, with Frank Sinatra Junior.

His main show is called Forever Frank (& Friends), which encompasses not only the songs of Sinatra, performed by an artist who sounds exactly like the man himself, but also video footage, and props that makes it a memorable and reminiscing performance (Depending on venue).

Aaron (AKA Frank Sinatra), brings to life the legend that was ‘Ole Blue Eyes’ / ‘The Chairman of the Board’.  Taking you through the years of his legendary songs, Aaron captivates and produces a unique and authentic performance that will leave you questioning whether you have just had the opportunity to actually see Sinatra.

Both holiday makers / locals / guests alike, of all nationalities, after initially seeing Aaron Reece’s show, return time after time to relive the experience.  Feedback regularly received includes comments such as ‘your voice, your mannerisms, your stage presence …. You are Frank Sinatra’, ‘we saw Frank Sinatra live many years ago and you are him …’, ‘watching your show has truly made our holiday / event special’.

As his career progressed, when considering where his natural talent and focus should be, Aaron considered the option of being a Michael Buble or a Harry Connick junior singer, but wanted to get to the heart of where true music came from.  He feels he didn’t pick Sinatra … Sinatra picked him. Since that time Aaron has dedicated himself to perfecting Franks performance to enable his audience to truly experience how it must have been to have seen a live Frank Sinatra concert.

Aaron is not only a Sinatra Tribute however, he also covers all genres of music including Swing / Jazz / 50’s,60’s,70’s / Rock n Roll/ Pop / Rock, and has a natural ability and gift to be able to change his voice to take on and sound like any artist.

Aaron assures perfect presentation of himself and  his show, and guarantees professionalism assured at all times.

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