Black Lace have been delivering hits since the late 70’s and no party is complete without at least one of their infamous toons hitting the deck.
A DJ without a Black Lace record is not a DJ.

Black Lace represented Great Britain in 1979 in the Eurovision Song Contest and then in 1981 split up from a four-piece act into the now famous duo that we all love or hate.

In 1983, Black Lace really hit the big time when they made the Top Ten with “Superman” and in the following year with “Agadoo” and “Do The Conga”. Few songs are guaranteed to raise people from their seats for years to come but these never fail, even fourteen years on.

In November 1984, Black Lace were hit by a stroke of bad luck when their distribution company went belly up with all their royalties from Agadoo, a million selling single. But just when everybody thought this would finish the likely lads off, “Party Party”, their first album, shot straight into the Top Ten and sold 650,00 copies in five weeks.

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